Over 6,000 sq. ft.

The days of working out of sub-par garage spaces and mixed-company big box gyms are over. We have EVERYTHING you need right here. And with over 5,000 sq. ft. of gym space and 1,000 sq. ft. of lobby space, we mean everything.

Guide your client from kettle bell swings and goblet squats over to the rogue dumbells or the squat rig. Utilize our full array of equipment with the Keiser air resistance squat, sprint, and cable cross and finish up a long workout with our Sonix vibration plates.

Our lobby is the perfect place for your clients to feel comfortable while you wrap up with your previous session. The lobby and reception area is equipped with cubbies, water, changing rooms, and private areas for meeting with your clients post-workout, taking measurements, etc.

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Functional training is a big deal at Bodyplace. We’ve got all the equipment you need for plyometrics, S.A.Q, and mobility.

With over 20 ft. of turf space and ample rubber flooring surfaces, you will be fully prepared to guide your clients through a wide range of functional training exercises.

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Bodyplace was designed with strength in mind. With a variety of barbells, trap bars, dumbbells, and kettle bells, multiple squat, bench, and deadlift stations.

Featuring Keiser pneumatic machines for squaring and sprinting, tires up to 500 lbs., reverse hyper and GHD, we have a rage of strength tools to train anyone from an elite athlete to an active senior.

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Bodyplace takes a different approach to cardio. We don’t have endless rows of treadmills. Instead, we’ve taken pragmatic approach to cardio.

We stock Spin bikes, Concept2 row and ski ergs, and save the running for outside. This saves precious floor space for functional cardio such as battle ropes, box jumps, ball slams, burpees, tire flips, and rope skipping.

Your possibilities are endless.

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Full list of equipment:

  • Rogue squat rig
  • 8 station cable pulleys rig
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Rogue barbells
  • Concept2 row
  • Concept2 ski
  • Olympic lifting plates
  • Jammer arms
  • Reverse hyper
  • Medicine balls
  • GHD
  • TRX
  • Multiple squat racks
  • Bench press
  • Land mines
  • Battle ropes
  • Large tires
  • Speed ropes
  • SAQ cones, letters, etc
  • Sonix vibration plate
  • Land mines
  • Bulgarian bags
  • Bosu ball
  • Mobility rollers, hip circles, bands, ect.
  • Spin bikes
  • Plyo boxes
  • Keiser squat (air compression)
  • Keiser sprint
  • Keiser functional trainer
  • Olympic lifting platform

Flat Rate Pricing

We’re here to support you, not rob you. We understand that many of our trainers are just starting their business, so we offer month-to-month, flat rate rentals, that enable you to focus on growing your business, rather than taking a cut from your sessions.

Weekends Only


Includes facility use after 10 AM on Saturdays and all day Sunday.


Full-time Trainer


Includes unlimited facility use and a personal entry key.


Part-time Access


Includes facility use after on exclusively mornings or evenings.


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