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Bodyplace was built with Personal Trainers at the heart of everything we do.  We help trainers achieve success by providing quality business management resources, fully equipped facilities and amenities, and a motivating and encouraging community. If you are an experienced and motivated personal trainer looking for a top notch gym and facility to provide your services to your clients, you’ve come to the right place.

Meet Our Founder

Meet our Founder, Tim Holley, and his awesome dog, Moe! Tim not only has a passion for fitness, but a passion for helping other trainers reach their ultimate potential as a fitness service provider.

After graduating from the University of Oregon and the National Personal Training Institute, Tim began his training career at 24hour fitness. After 18 months working with cumbersome limits on the quality of service he could provide, Tim was ready to transition into a better situation for himself and his clients.

Tim created a solution in renting his own gym space and charging his clients significantly lower rates that still allowed his business to thrive. After transitioning from the big box gym business and operating as a 1-man show for 5 years, Tim was ready to help other trainers make the transition.

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